Your purchase of a season of weekly bags of produce supports your local growers, the Mobile Fresh Food Van programming, your family’s health and the health of your community. Our farmers are located within a 60 mile radius. From their farm to your table in less than seven days.

You Always

have the option to buy produce from us, whether you buy for the whole season or just an item or two at a time – you can visit us at a Fresh Food Stop or order online to ensure we will have your order ready at the pick up location you choose.

We invite you to invest in local growers

right here in Central Illinois who bring you the freshest produce possible. Your purchase will be used to the betterment of your community, with investments in Nutrition Education, Cooking Classes, Mobile Food Van services, Green Job Training, increased fresh food access in food desert areas and nature and farm experiences for all ages.

The basics of the Hub’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)…in other words, why you should consider purchasing a season of produce up front?

Our growers offer “Weekly Bags of Produce ” to you. We sell the Weekly (or every other week) Bags of Produce through subscriptions from our online system and deliver to designated stops. You pick up your bag of produce once a week (or every other week) from a pre-selected location you choose. When you buy from us, you help your local (within 80 miles) farmer by ensuring his/her crops have a market, help to make produce available to those most vulnerable in our community and support nutrition education and cooking classes.

So, how does this work?

Buy your Weekly Bags of Produce right here, online. You choose whether you want a bag every week (22 weeks) or every other week (11 weeks). You choose your pick up location. That’s it!

Pricing for the 2017 season is 506.00 for a Weekly Bag of Produce (5-8 different items), and 253.00 for an Every Other Week Bag of Produce (the same 5-8 different items). We evaluate our pricing off of other grocers and farmers with fresh, local produce, and we feel our pricing will be better than the store. Plus, you can’t get fresher produce than produce picked the same week of delivery.

A Weekly Bag of Produce will serve 4-5 family members with pick up every week. An Every Other Week Bag of Produce is the same size as the Weekly Bag of Produce, but pick up is every other week. We have some customers ‘share’ a weekly or an every other week subscription and split the produce.

Individuals that cannot afford to purchase or those who do not desire to buy a seasons worth of produce can still purchase produce from designated stops with cash or use SNAP benefits. Some individuals can qualify for a “donated Bag of Produce”.