• reduce liability from lawsuits for individuals donating food thanks to the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. This act protects businesses and donors from liability when they donate to non-profit organizations
  • the Path Act signed in December of 2015 allows for tax incentives to be allowed for all growers and retailers in donating produce to organizations in need.  Up until now, farmers and growers could not account for donated produce in tax deduction
  • the announcement of the food waste reduction goal by the Environmental Protective Agency in 2015, calls for a 50% reduction of all organizational and institutional food waste going to landfills by the year 2030

The Good Food Recovery Program will improve the availability of healthy food alternatives to food banks, food pantries and kitchens through donated fresh vegetables, fruit and prepared meals.  The gitm Foundation currently offers donated produce to several area food banks (2015 over 3,000 lbs was donated).   This donated produce is a part of the Mobile Fresh Food Van services.  Not only can this program make a significant impact on families in the greatest food insecure areas, but also create a process by which donors can obtain yearly tax deduction reports based upon the fair market value for their recovered product for tax incentive, thereby increasing their desire to donate.

Currently, The Tri County Fresh Food Hub accepts excess produce from home gardeners who desire to share their bounty.  We distribute the donated produce via the Mobile Fresh Food Van to Food Pantries and from the Van to anyone in need.  Contact us if you would like to donate.


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